Chains & Pendants


Gold Pendants — Chains & Pendants in Nambour, QLD
Chains and pendants are a simple, elegant and chic way to accessorise any outfit. Nambour Jewellery stocks a wide variety of necklaces, chains and pendants in different sizes and styles.

Versatile accessories, chains come in many different styles of chain, they can be either grouped together for impact or elegantly worn on their own. Wear a single chain in gold, silver or rose gold or several together in one single colour or a combination of each to complement an outfit.

Choose a chunky chain or choker style chain for a bold look, get creative with layers of chains or go for simple, classic elegance with something a little more delicate, depending on your preference, your outfit and the occasion.

Be sure to check out our Ellani Collection, which features some beautiful chains that are perfect on their own or easily layered.
Pendants and necklaces are always in style, whether your look is a simple chain with a small charm, a heavier weight chain with a chunky embellishment or a collection of vintage or statement pieces worn together for impact.

We stock a wide variety of exquisite ornamental charms and lockets in gold, silver and rose gold. We also have a range of precious and semi-precious gems in different cuts and sizes.

Come in to Nambour Jewellers today to shop our selection of chains and pendants.